A starter for ten (or infinity)

Not a bad time to enter the blogging noviciate, what with all these ‘issues’ around …

The one that first caught my eye is Stephen Hawking, and the ‘spontaneous combustion’ of the universe.  As I understand it (which is not greatly, having given up physics at school after second year), Hawking argues that a God could not have created the universe intentionally  for human beings, not least because there might be an infinite number of parallel universes, without any humans in them at all.   So there is no need to suppose a loving Creator who seeks to be in relationship with humanity.

It reminds me of the difficulty people had in the Middle Ages trying to imagine whether it was possible for humans to exist in the antipodes – and whether they could be ‘saved’.  A first step in enlarging the idea of God … from the known world to the unknown. 

And so when I try to imagine parallel universes, I wonder what God is doing in them?

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2 Responses to A starter for ten (or infinity)

  1. Piers Jones says:

    Congratulations. Splendid Blog. When I was growing up in Stirling in the 1940s and 50s, the “Drummond Tract Enterprise” had a large and thriving bookshop in Murray Place. It later moved to Dumbarton Road and then closed down. I am intrigued to discover that the modern version of the organisation still operates today.

  2. Mother Mary says:

    For many of us it is in the beauty of uninhabited spaces that we recharge our spirit and encounter God. This can be true even thinking about, or observing the universe…a sort of mental spiritual retreat. The idea of an infinite number of parallel universes means that we are offered the opportunity to increase (not decrease) our wonder at the infinite Mind of God. If we were told of the full purpose and meaning of God’s energy in the universe(s) and all Creation we probably wouldn’t understand as our human Mind is so limited in comparison to God’s. What we can do is to is to stand in awe and appreciate, to give thanks, and to love, explore and live in a responsible way in Creation as we know it.

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