It’s the same the whole world over …

Autumn chill brings a reminder of the wretched heating system that we’ve conveniently forgotten about at Holy Trinity over the summer.  Put in over 30 years ago, the electric bathroom-style heaters are obsolete and dying one by one.  We’d love a gas CH system that is cheap to run, and in our better moments, we’d love an air-source heat pump that would be green.

But the first costs £100K to install and the second £160K.  And the grants for eco-friendly installation are drying up.  If you’ve got capital, you can save money and the environment.   You can buy an energy-efficient house, car, heating system or whatever, rather than a cheap but old-fashioned one.  

‘Twas ever thus:  people renting flats with meters pay over the odds for their power;  those who can’t afford bulk-buying or transport to the hypermarket pay higher prices for food. 

And so we’ll probably replace our heating at church with a similar system that is cheap to install but expensive to run.  Maybe it will make us a bit warmer, but it won’t be any greener, unless we can persuade Historic Scotland to allow us some solar panels on a Grade A listed roof.

And I feel bad about it, but then … ‘it’s the poor wot gets the blame’.

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One Response to It’s the same the whole world over …

  1. Bishop David says:

    It’s great! Welcome to the Blogosphere.

    Hope you have the heating fixed for Back to Church Sunday

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