Who benefits?

Sometimes you suddenly realise how far things have moved on by what people are not saying.

The Chancellor announced today that Child Benefit will be cut to families where there is one parent earning more than about £44,000 a year.  There have been all sorts of reactions, about anomalies, the high cost of bringing up children, the simplicity of a benefit that is really universal.

Yet no-one has dared to say that it’s often the only source of cash in the hand for mothers.  It probably isn’t now, for most of them, but it certainly used to be – money that was not doled out as ‘housekeeping’ by the father.  These days, it’s quite likely that it’s the wife who’s earning £44K. Society has moved on.

And in the latest excellent inspires, you can read how the Scottish Episcopal Church is pondering gender issues.  I’m proud to belong to a church that is pretty open to women’s ministry, but silent assumptions still need to be challenged.

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