And they will raise them up …

The breaking news is gripping – 12, 17, 22, now 27 miners raised from the San Jose mine in Chile.  You hold your breath, hardly daring to believe that it’s now actually happening, that it seems to be OK.

It’s been a tale of amazing courage, and also of calm competence, undaunted hope, community and family solidarity, and a faith that is as natural as breathing.  Everything has been thought of, to sustain the miners’ spirits and health, and to bring them from the depths of the earth to the surface in safety. 

And there have been no loud recriminations, despite the threat to personal survival.  There has not been outrage or bitterness or the call for heads to roll – at least not yet.  There has been, instead, a methodical and intelligent use of the best technology to solve the problem as swiftly as possible, and a determination to find strength in shared support and prayer.

Rather different from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I’d say.

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One Response to And they will raise them up …

  1. Ann Lees says:

    Rather a different situation to the Gulf spillage – there, there was no chance to rescue the 12 who died (I think others may have escaped, however).
    I did find following the whole experience faith-affirming, even for non-believers. Sometimes, people do act in a noble, admirable and entirely selfless way. And what wonderful mountains can be shifted if everyone concentrates on getting the job done!
    It’s a hard act to follow, or even just keep pristine in the memory. The families have to deal with the aftermath now, with getting back to ‘normal’ life, or trying to while the world’s media are still lookoing for some mileage. The Chilean president is presenting rocks from the bottom of the mine to foreign dignatories – wonder if there will be as much of it as there was of the Berlin wall?

    See, I couldn’t keep out of the cynicism for more than a paragraph. But God be praised, anyway – he got the job right!

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