Try, try, try again

Some nature notes from the last couple of days:  I watched a spider race eagerly across – to where a seed had blown onto its web in the autumn winds.

I saw a hawk, which had been sitting on our roof motionless for some time, swoop down into the long grass and then rise up – with nothing in its claws.

And having been told that the deer were doing their autumn bellowing beyond the field, I walked up the track yesterday evening and heard – nothing.

So I thought I’d try again tonight, and after a weary day, I trudged to the end and sat down to listen.  Nothing.  So I composed a blog post in my head about trying and frustration and the moral to be drawn from that.

Of course, as I got up to walk home, they started bellowing. Bother.  Ruined my blog post.

And then I was shocked with myself:  no simple joy and gratitude for what I had come to hear?  So, new blog post, new moral:  ‘Live first, blog later’.

I’m learning.

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2 Responses to Try, try, try again

  1. Mother Mary says:

    I really enjoyed reading this message….in spite of it being about a non event….or perhaps because the lesson was in the non event. God can teach us so much through observing and being in Creation, even if it is just from noticing a very small element like a seed.

    Here in the Shetland Isles it is an almost daily experience that fulfillment of plans and desires depend on the weather. As a new arrival, an ‘incomer’ I realised this one day when I had a dentists appointment on the next island…called Yell. I had to postpone it because the 25 minute ferry was cancelled due to a storm. I had never been prevented from traveling to the dentist before! I had to try again another day.

    I have learnt that many of my desires are not really needed and can mask my relationship with God. And when I have a plan, to add…God Willing.

    And then, completely unexpectedly, I stand in awe and wonder as an otter looks at me as it runs past just a few feet away, or a seal keeps me company by swimming along as I walk the seashore, or I see the first daffodil peep up through the snow.

    Yes, joy and gratitude for God’s gifts….including the gift of nothing.

    I’m learning too.

    • alisonpeden says:

      Reminds me of the time when there was a huge snowfall one Saturday night in February, and I couldn’t get out of Callander to take the Sunday services in Stirling. Almost everyone else couldn’t get there either. And the general reaction was to find great joy and delight in having nothing special to do on a Sunday morning …

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