Deep and crisp and uneven

Well, Holy Trinity’s statistics continue to be skewed by events!  Yesterday’s snowfall meant that it was the fit, brave and/or foolhardy who managed church.  And since we were dedicating a baby to God, it also meant that our average age was about 5.  Nearly 30 children there, singing and dancing, grasping the Advent calendars with their Bible verses that we gave out, making a snowman outside and eating up the cakes from the Christmas  Fair.  A glorious sense of the future taking over the present – please God, not just in my dreams.  One of the stories I heard from my Methodist friends last week was of a church that had no children in the congregation, but hoped for them.  So they decided to be ‘the church of the future’ anyway.  They organised for children, had the space and the activities ready, changed their worship to include children.  And the children came …

But I didn’t feel so fit and brave getting home.  Foolhardy, yes.  It took 2 hours to do 16 miles, and I had 3 lots of help.  The last was a wonderful man who drove my little Skoda like a snowplough to get it onto a pavement not far from the house. Who said altruism was a myth?

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