Ekmek yapma makinesi

I’m the sort of person who has to read any words that I come across.  If the conversation lags at table, I’ll read the ingredients on the mustard jar.  When I go on holiday, the only anxiety I have is about running out of books to read.

So when I replaced my worn-out breadmaker, I devoured the material on the box.  And being good Europeans as we are, the contents were listed in a dozen languages.  If you are a fan of ‘I’m sorry I haven’t a clue’ on Radio 4, you’ll understand why my cryptic mind started finding all sorts of new translations for the various words for ‘breadmaker’.

The Dutch ‘Broodmachine’ was easy – me as a mum in the 1980s.  I suppose the French ‘Machine a pain’ (with grave accent on the a) is a thumbscrew.  But have you any ideas for ‘Brotback automat’ (German) or ‘Wypiekacz do chleba’ (Polish) or ‘Bakmaskin’ (Swedish)?

And what about the Turkish of my title:  ‘Ekmek yapma makinesi’?

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2 Responses to Ekmek yapma makinesi

  1. Kate says:

    brotback automat = spinal massager
    bakmaskin= the act of wearing a hoodie pulled low over the brow to conceal the features for hip or nefarious ends
    ekmek yapma makinesi = the kind of ‘spontaneous’ public prayer that comes out in machine-gun bursts of volubility with little bullets of cliche (supply your own pet dislike here)

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