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The King’s archbishop

The main story is great:  how someone comes to terms with a harsh childhood and fear of destiny (in the King’s Speech, of course).  The Duke of York/George VI faces his stammer bravely and wins through to a continuous speech … Continue reading

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Leave poetry alone?

I have an admission to make:  I’ve always found poetry really hard, and I don’t read it for pleasure.  I blame it on leadenly bad English teaching at school, and the historian’s training in evidence, logical argument and clear expression rather than … Continue reading

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Walking the walk

Much discussion at the moment amongst ‘Christians Together in Stirling’ folk about whether to hold a Walk of Witness in the city on Good Friday or not.  In previous years, this ecumenical event has begun with a service at Holy … Continue reading

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Masters of the Thingiverse

My favourite story from the Sunday papers this week?  3-D printing.  You can now buy a machine that will ‘print’ out your designs in plastic, so that you can make whatever you want or dream of.  It could be that … Continue reading

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Absorbing the sting

Sometimes you need to be reminded of why you do what you do, and to have someone say to you that it’s worth doing.  Clergy conferences can be about acquiring new skills and ideas – and they should be (even … Continue reading

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Ears unstopped

Someone came up to me after a funeral just before Christmas and said it was the first service they had heard all the way through for years.  We had just replaced our worn-out loop system at Holy Trinity, and this important mode … Continue reading

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Once upon a time

Two BBC stories  – the Nativity by Tony Jordan, put out on BBC1 before Christmas, and the Archers at 60 when over half a century of village soap opera was celebrated in a dramatic double episode.  I got caught up in … Continue reading

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