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In the slow lane

Why do we act as we do?  How can the Government, or any pressure group, get us to do what they think is a Good Thing? We are told that for the good of the planet, we should drive more … Continue reading

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Abundance in the Fens

Just back from one of the most intense few days I can remember!  The spires of Ely Cathedral rose gently out of the fenland mist and the wide skies of that flat landscape offered a slow reflective space, but inside for … Continue reading

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Here I am

I’m off on Monday to a ‘Bishops’ Advisory Panel’ in Ely as an ‘Educational Adviser’.  Anglican candidates for the ordained ministry in England and Scotland have a pretty rigorous selection procedure that can take years.  And the ‘selection’ is for … Continue reading

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Set in stone

Just returned from a couple of days walking in the glens by Blair Atholl.   It’s such a solid place, all well-built stone houses, thick-walled inns, fine walls around the Castle and sturdy bridges across the fast-flowing rivers.  The stone is beautifully cut, weathering the highland … Continue reading

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Stand there

King Farouk of Egypt was deposed on the day I was born – so the country has been a republic for more than half a century.  Yet only now has the ‘people’s voice’ begun to be heard.  Yes, I know … Continue reading

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Church in the round

A panoramic view of Holy Trinity, Stirling, discovered by chance by one of our members (I couldn’t work out how to embed this one, but it’s worth a click.)  It’ll be good for the Church website – heritage enquiries, wedding … Continue reading

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Found in translation

It’s the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible this year, and  Edinburgh Diocese held a superb day conference to celebrate it.   We looked at translation, the choosing of  the canon (which books were in the Bible and which not), how to … Continue reading

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