In the slow lane

Why do we act as we do?  How can the Government, or any pressure group, get us to do what they think is a Good Thing?

We are told that for the good of the planet, we should drive more slowly and less.  I accept this, and yet have always found myself driving faster than is ecologically friendly, because there is not enough time etc etc.

Then I had snow tyres fitted this winter, and was warned fiercely not to drive fast or the filaments on the ends would wear out.  The ice did not encourage me to speed along anyway.  And I’ve got used to driving at 50-55 mph, and I’m rather enjoying it.

The tyres are due to come off this week;  will I revert to ‘normal’ speed with normal tyres?  Probably, given my fallen human nature, except that now there is another constraint altogether – the hike in petrol prices, which might just restrain me.

Actually, I’m a lot greener than I make out, and I was composting long before they reduced the bin collections.  But I suspect that it will take pretty severe price-compulsion before we revolutionise our energy use.

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