Censor the Census

The Scottish Census 2011 is to be taken next Sunday, March 27th.  It is being run by CACI UK, an information systems firm, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CACI International Inc.  The latter firm was involved in the interrogation of suspects in Abu Ghraib prison.  No one from the firm has been convicted of wrongdoing, but allegations persist.

You should see one of Holy Trinity’s members speaking out about this on Reporting Scotland tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Censor the Census

  1. Liz Duff says:

    Just to clarify re the cencus protest, the comments from the member you mention will most likely be on BBC Radio ”Good Morning Scotland” 6.00 to 9am and could be either Monday 21st or Tuesday 22cnd March. The item on Reporting Scotland (also on either one of those dates) is most likely going to be more of a technical discussion eg relating to having the right to do a hard copy rather than online, in the future and the likes…

  2. Liz Duff says:

    census!! not cencus. It’s late!

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