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blogging stamina

I guess as a relatively novice blogger, I have a lot to learn yet.  How do people continue to post during really intense times? I’m so impressed.  I feel as if I’m running on empty. Still, I have to gear … Continue reading

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Who has the power?

In a week when Christians may find their thoughts turning to political power and its scope – i.e. how much power did Pilate really have? – a group of us gathered to formulate some questions to be asked of our … Continue reading

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Not with a bang

Lent courses are ending everywhere – some with a flourish and ours not with a bang, as we were considering peace-making and loving your enemies.  We talked a bit about non-retaliation and pacifism, especially whether it is right to keep your … Continue reading

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What does it profit….?

I’m fascinated by ‘Christian behaviour’, its motivations and whether it is different from any other kindly disposition.  This has been one of the themes we have found ourselves exploring in the Lent group on compassion. So it was interesting to see how … Continue reading

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Messy politics

What will be the shape of the Islam that is emerging into greater prominence in those Arab countries which are challenging the old dictatorships?  Will the tentative steps towards democracy encourage a somewhat tolerant stance, as in Turkey?  Or will there be … Continue reading

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Practising compassion

Two important themes from our Lent course on Karen Armstrong’s book on compassion last night: How to develop empathy – as a first step in ‘treat others as you would like to be treated yourself’?  Having explored how films can … Continue reading

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