What does it profit….?

I’m fascinated by ‘Christian behaviour’, its motivations and whether it is different from any other kindly disposition.  This has been one of the themes we have found ourselves exploring in the Lent group on compassion.

So it was interesting to see how the ‘Silent Auction’ went on Saturday.  There were some lovely things, big and small, with reserve prices going from about £1.50 up to £50 or so.  You wrote your name and the bid you made for the item, and waited to see if you had got it.

And, of course, when we saw the names of other people there, who probably really wanted the item, we all deferred from bidding against them in case they ‘lost’ it  (well, apart from the stamp collections, which were more contentious).

So was it more important to see other people go off clutching their treasure than to raise lots of money?  Well, yes, probably.  And people were so generous anyway, that we actually raised quite a lot!

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2 Responses to What does it profit….?

  1. Annie T says:

    Here at St P’s we are each given an anonymous number so none of this ‘preferring-one-another’ type of deferential kindness pertains!
    (And what is it about philatelists?)

  2. alisonpeden says:

    Yes, it’s obvious now you describe it – not sure why we used names.
    But even so -the number would represent a real person, with a real desire for the sandwich toaster or the Denby teapot. Shouldn’t they still be deferred to? Or does supporting the cause the people who will be helped by the fundraising trump those who can afford to pay for the treasures?

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