blogging stamina

I guess as a relatively novice blogger, I have a lot to learn yet.  How do people continue to post during really intense times? I’m so impressed.  I feel as if I’m running on empty.

Still, I have to gear up for chairing a hustings meeting tonight and then the big funeral of one of our beloved retired priests – Revd. Duncan Sladden – tomorrow.

And then Amsterdam for a few days.  I suspect we’ll pay homage to Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Ann Frank, and then find a lazy canal to drift along.  I remember visiting years ago as a rather innocent student, and thinking how friendly the women were, sitting in their windows smiling invitingly at passers by …

Blogging will resume on return.

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3 Responses to blogging stamina

  1. revruth says:

    I suspect that some of them write them in the quiet times before Holy Week and set the date to post later. If not that, then I just don’t know!
    Have a good break.

  2. Duncan was one of my neighbours as a boy, and his daughter and I both played the french horn together in the schools orchestra. Even though I have been away from Stirling for a long time its still a small world.

    • alisonpeden says:

      Dear Mr Hudson,

      Thanks for your message – it’s good to hear of Duncan’s friedns and neighbours. He was a wonderful priest and a dear colleague and friend. I miss him a lot.

      best wishes, Alison Peden

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