The first day of the rest of … etc

Here are ten things I’m going to do now:

1. Get a good night’s sleep

2. Not turn out the attic

3. Plant my courgettes and mange touts

4. Climb up through the bluebells on the Back Walk to the Castle Esplanade and pray for Stirling

5. Do the mending

6. Start the next bit of my research into Church history

7. Use the voucher for the back massage I got at the church’s Silent Auction

8. Shred a lot of paper

9. Imagine the Scottish Episcopal Church full of bright and eager people offering themselves for ministry and being able to respond to them in the right way

10. Get a good night’s sleep.  Again.

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8 Responses to The first day of the rest of … etc

  1. kate says:

    I hope the sleep was deep and refreshing, and the paper shredding therapeutic. But we rarely talk in the church about what – on a practical and everyday level- restores us. Or indeed, given the contemporary interest in all this, in what makes us happy. A good mix of the physical, the spiritual, the intellectual and active busyness in small, satisfying ways sounds good. I noted a short time ago an account of research done in California which suggested a lot of all the cultivation of attitudes like kindness and gratitude and indeed optimism. I liked its instruction to savour life’s joys – lingering over a pastry or whatever. (I seem to remember Iris Murdoch said the secret of getting through life contentedly was small treats).

  2. RevRuth says:

    You’ve been very brave. Sleep well.

  3. Annie T says:

    Number 9. You already do respond to them in just that way, and the SEC is very blessed to have you as her PDO.
    Keep shredding/sleeping.

    • Sheumais says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with Annie T, one may argue as to whether or not I am bright or eager, but I do treasure the time that you spent with me at a Provincial Selection Conference a few years back and it really helped me listen to God’s call – thank you

  4. Sam Ferguson says:

    Life will get back to normal, your mange tout will grow and this all will pass. Thank you for having the courage once again and go gentle. Rest well.

  5. alisonpeden says:

    Surfacing again, and so very grateful for these encouragements. (NB en-courage -ment: we all need others to make us courageous in any way!) Kate – your comments made me think of our friend Steve, whom we laid to rest this week. As he fought terminal cancer, he used the healing power of having ‘one good experience’ each day: something to savour and enjoy and be thankful for.
    And re: discernment matters – I was really thinking of how the SEC might respond to candidates in the right way, which means perhaps more creatively and openly to possibilities (grammar?), drawing more widely on the skills among our people to help and form candidates, being confident enough to BE the Scottish Church that we are, and not a clone of anywhere else in the shape of our ministry (whilst, of course, drawing on what other places have to offer).

  6. Vicky Gunn says:

    Hi Alison, many solidly positive thoughts coming your way from me….and what Church History are you working on just now?

    • alisonpeden says:

      Thanks Vicky – I’m looking at the SEC (of course!) and trying to work out how it found an identity. C17-18th century at the moment, but I’m fishing around, rather than being systematic. And I keep getting distracted by fascinating characters: it’s a novelty for a medievalist in my (former) line to have not only someone whose name you can know, but about whom you can know quite a lot!

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