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Having visitors (from Australia) means awaydays to see things I haven’t made the effort to see yet.  First was Linlithgow Palace, which I regularly see from the train and frequently resolved to visit.  It’s one of those places that you … Continue reading

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Judge or king?

I guess we’ll only know how significant the ‘Arab Spring’ is in retrospect.  It may be the definitive move away from (somtimes religious) totalitarian rule or it may be just an opening for another form of domination, maybe by (other) … Continue reading

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Down memory lane

Having been on a dementia awareness afternoon recently, I was keen to put some of it into pastoral practice.  So this afternoon I ferried one of our regular weekday congregants in sheltered housing to another who is in a nursing home … Continue reading

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Cornton Vale

A friend of mine knows how to get me worked up – by pressing the ‘Cornton Vale button’.  I was a part-time chaplain there from 2000-3, and it’s the sort of experience you don’t forget. How can we  ‘do justice … Continue reading

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Doves and serpents

Well, the Spirit moved at Pentecost among us.  We re-launched our ‘Casting the Net’ mission review initiative, and I realised as I was preaching that it might, actually, involve changes that I cannot envisage and have not initiated myself.  As … Continue reading

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General Synoderella

For the first time in 8 years, I have 3 extra days in my life.  I’ve been a member of the General Synod of our church for 2 full terms of 4 years each, and cannot be re-elected for at … Continue reading

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A blind date

Our bishop says that when you are considering a link with another diocese, there should be a ‘courtship’ time before the knot is sealed.  You can carefully suss out whether you are likely to make a good match.  But cities … Continue reading

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