General Synoderella

For the first time in 8 years, I have 3 extra days in my life.  I’ve been a member of the General Synod of our church for 2 full terms of 4 years each, and cannot be re-elected for at least a year.  It feels odd not to be lugging a fat wad of papers around, odd not to be catching up with people from all over Scotland, distinctly odd not to have a sore back and twitchy legs from having sat all day on a pew.

It even feels a bit strange not to know what has been going on, because although I could be listening to the audio stream of the proceedings, in fact I’m getting on with other things rather happily.  I did see that the Synod has agreed on a process by which they can take a decision in due course about the Anglican Covenant.  Well, it’s good that we can agree on something, anyway.  I’m also keen to find out what happens to the  ‘Whole Church Mission and Ministry Policy’, as it will shape our life and work for some time to come.

But it does seem that if you step outside something like a Synod or a conference, it slips alarmingly quickly into the status of a forgotten world.   I wonder if that’s how people feel when they drift away from church …

Anyway, this year I will get to go to the ball, or at least the Synod Dinner, and will hear one of the best and funniest after-dinner speakers, the Bishop of Edinburgh.  And I rather secretly hope that I might return to Synod sooner rather than later.


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2 Responses to General Synoderella

  1. Robin says:

    Thank you Alison for your excellent blog.

  2. alisonpeden says:

    Thanks Robin – I’m glad you enjoy it.

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