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Yours = mine

I’ve just watched the 2005 film Joyeux Noel  – about the unofficial truce that happened in the WW1 trenches at Christmas 1914.  They showed German, French and Scottish soldiers singing, drinking and playing football together.   And worshipping.  The DVD box described the priest … Continue reading

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I’m having trouble making links on blog posts – does this mean I need to update my browser?  I use Internet Explorer – how do I find out which version I’m currently using (dumb question, I know, but where do … Continue reading

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Family champions

One of those misty blog posts has surfaced within in the light of more news of the ‘Family Champions’ strategy led by Emma Harrison, an encouraging entrepreneur who has caught the eye of David Cameron in the aftermath of the riots in … Continue reading

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What is a community?

One of the effects of having a heavy cold is that blog posts seem to arise like mist in my head, but I can’t quite catch them and they disappear into the fog before I write anything.  But our ‘Mission … Continue reading

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Who needs the Edinburgh Festival?

I’ve been remiss about going to any Festival events this year – somehow a late holiday and then the backlog to catch up on has just made it seem impossible.  But last night’s concert at Holy Trinity was, I would … Continue reading

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Praying for your enemies

Taking a while to catch up with the Sunday Times, I noticed in the ‘Life Lessons’ section that the agony aunt Sally Brampton was recommending prayer. Someone wrote in about her dislike of her fiance’s friend which was bad enough … Continue reading

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Just returned from the second leg of annual leave catching the last of the summer wind on Tiree.  I had intended to blog from there, but the first thing I learned is that everything is provisional on Tiree  – a … Continue reading

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