King David and I

Summertime, and the focus is easy – wonderful Hebrew Scripture stories every weekday and on Sundays. The daily Lectionary is taking us through the story of King David, to whom I’ve become especially attached ever since a course on the Enneagram which used Biblical characters to unpack your basic character and how it can be transformed by grace.  I think that approach may come from a book published nearly a decade ago.

We were encouraged to look at Paul, Ruth, David, Mary Magdalene, Nicodemus, Peter, the woman at the well (Photini), the Canaanite woman and the man at the pool.  I’ll not go into why David is so important to me – much too revealing – but I will say that I’ve been pondering Jonathan a lot too recently.  Giving up his royal destiny as Saul’s heir does not seem to have troubled him.  He genuinely delighted in David and did all he could to protect him.   What was his character?  Utterly laid back about titles, and just keen that the job was done well?  A really nice guy?

I wish Jonathan’s end had been different.  I was so delighted that the relatively laid-back and thoroughly nice person Tom Pellereau won the final of The Apprentice.  He looked as genuinely surprised as perhaps Jonathan might have done had God decided for him in the end.

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