What is a community?

One of the effects of having a heavy cold is that blog posts seem to arise like mist in my head, but I can’t quite catch them and they disappear into the fog before I write anything.  But our ‘Mission Planning Group’ at church, which is spearheading the audit and workshop in October, had a short and sharp meeting where the tasks and issues were clear enough for me to remember some of them.

One of our discussions was about the survey of the community that we are encouraged to make as a preparation for the audit workshop.  Exactly what is  the community of a city-centre gathered worshipping community?  I thought of the streets around the church, but most of our congregation come from other areas of Stirling that are quite distinct, or from quite a bit further afield.  Do we look at their communities?  And then someone pointed out that our community activities are actually taking place through networks rather than geographical areas.

So who are we called to serve?  What is the ‘community’ for a gathered and then dispersed congregation?

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