I’m thinking how to approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at Holy Trinity.  My friends in USA seem ambivalent about it all.  It’s not that they are casual in any way, but finding the right things to say, the right shape for their thoughts and feelings, is difficult.

Is is that the time for lament has passed?  Maybe lament for individuals has got to the stage where it’s almost a private family grief that is being worked through;  no longer public property.  Lament for a nation?  But for which nation:  US of 10 years ago or US now?

For we live in a very different world.  We have seen the consequences of our reactions to 9/11.  We have seen how economics can bring nations low in a way that terrorism can’t.  We are weary and chastened.

What do we cry out to God for at this time?   That the new world order will have a spark of the justice we dream of?  That we will learn the ways of peaceful protest?  That somehow the wounds of innocent suffering will not recoil at the word ‘forgive’?

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