It’s just about a year since I started blogging.  Over 100 posts now.  But maybe it’s a good time to reflect on it all.  Very early on, I realised that there was a temptation to do things in order to blog about them, or to think about blogging whilst experiencing something.  In other words, it has an impact on the immediacy of your life.

It’s helped me to be more reflective about a wider range of things, though.  Having to put into written words what you think about a film, or a newpaper article is a good discipline.  But it takes a bit of energy – which I need for other kinds of reflection, whether in my spiritual journal or in areas of Church work.

There have been some good conversations, which is what I hoped for in the first place.  Thank you so much to all who have commented!  Not as many as I’d hoped, but then I’m no good at commenting on other people’s blogs myself.  There are just so many words and thoughts flying around, and so little time, it seems, to process them.

And so now I’m pondering where to go next.  As I move ever more deeply into ‘Mission Action Planning’ at Holy Trinity, and into formulating and implementing strategy and policy for vocations in the Scottish Episcopal Church, I wonder whether I will continue this more general blog.  What I think I’d like to do is to have a more specific, but perhaps also more ‘official’ blog about vocation and the SEC.  I could use it to share thoughts, information, good practice, reports of activity and so on. 

But is a blog the best place, or Facebook?

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6 Responses to Blogging

  1. Eamonn says:

    For me, a blog is a better place for extended reflections. Facebook is for chat with friends.

  2. I’ve been going for almost a year too and can identify with all that you say! I enjoy the breadth as well as the depth of your blog though I can understand your thinking about going for something more focussed (you could always have 2!). I find that blogging is a good way of forcing my unformed thoughts into something like a ‘first draft’ and then writing something more extended on a very few of those drafts.

  3. David Warnes says:

    I agree with Eamonn, and would welcome a blog focused on vocation. Important to remember that you probably have quite a few silent but appreciative readers, so the blog isn’t the vacuum it might sometimes seem. Thanks and best wishes.

  4. Pausingplace says:

    I’ve followed your blog in silence for a few months and enjoyed it enormously; thank you! I agree too with your insights on the discipline blogging requires, and its potential effects on the immediacy of one’s life- points for me to ponder!

    I think a blog on vocations is a great idea and could be a real help to lots of people.

  5. I think that it might be helpful to think of having a Scottish Episcopal Church vocations website, of which the vocations blog of the PDO might well form a strong part. (Perhaps the front page). Anne Tomlinson’s site is an interesting use of a blog to provide something that is much more than a blog too.

    I’m not sure that the word “official” is terribly helpful when it comes to distinguishing things that we do online.

    I’ve found that there are a number of things that I can do to increase conversations on the blog.

    – put notice of postings on twitter and facebook. (Some will comment there, but that doesn’t matter)
    – ask a lot of questions.
    – answer a lot of other people’s comments and do so fairly quickly
    – say things that not everyone will agree with
    – keep inviting comments

    I hope that you go on writing a general blog, even if you also choose to go the way of something more specific for vocations.

    • alisonpeden says:

      Thank you SO much. It’s been really helpful to think about what blogging is all about. Yes, I think a vocations website or page on the SEC website is a must, I think, and perhaps a Provincial Director of Ordinands’ blog could be part of it. And perhaps the discipline of reflecting on life – maybe a bit more controversially – is something to hang on to. Here goes with another post.

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