Time and place

A couple of us met with the wonderfully enthusiastic and committed Stirling Street Pastor co-ordinator today as past of our community survey, ahead of  Mission Action Planning at Holy Trinity.  What someone like him can offer is a street’s-eye-view of what is actually going on in the city.  A couple of memorable things:

The busiest night for Street Pastors?  No, not Hogmanay, but Hallowe’en.  Partying goes on all night, massive alcohol intake, and costume de rigeur

Who is getting it right with times of church services?  The Spiritualists, who match their sessions to availability of the clientele, such a business-people at lunch, and after work on weekdays.

Our interviewee’s vision is for a ‘pathway’ – from initial encounter on the street to support for addictions to befriending of the newly-housed to – well, I guess it would be transformed citizen.  All of these steps would weave together the ecumenical groups already working in Stirling.  And he is wise enough to envisage a good 3-5 years to build this vision.


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