‘Naturally’ thin places

I wrote about death, the departed and ‘thin places’ in the church magazine, trying to resonate with the November season of commemoration and the communion of saints.  But the thinning of boundaries can go too far.

A while ago, we found a hedgehog sitting placidly on the stairs.  It evidently preferred a warm carpeted seat to wet leaves outside.  Today, a bat took up residence in the sitting room, trying to fold itself into the curtains.  No doubt that would have made for a cosy hibernation.  Then as I got down a wool jacket in readiness for the frosts predicted next week, I found a little cocoon tucked into the sleeve.  Softies that we are, we wrapped it in cotton wool and put it in a ventilated jam jar until whatever it is emerges in the spring.

So who are you sharing your house with unawares this winter?


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2 Responses to ‘Naturally’ thin places

  1. Mother Mary says:

    Yesterday I saw a seagull walking up the road. It wasn’t injured, but unable to fly in the Shetland Island autumn gale. After reading this post, I wanted to open the front door and invite it inside for shelter and food! It is said that Nature is one of God’s witnesses (and therefore we can learn about God through its lessons). It made me think how important it is to give warmth and shelter to all in winter….a smile to someone passing in a chilly street, a visit to someone who is more house bound in winter, a prayer for a seagull trying to find food along a grassy roadside…..
    Theres a lovely painting of St Seraphim of Sarov feeding a bear who used to visit him at his forest hermitage- see it on webpage http://www.stcatherine.ny.goarch.org/ParishGroups/OrthodoxFellowshipGroup.dsp

  2. alisonpeden says:

    I hadn’t thought about a smile being a warming shelter – we’ll probably need plenty of that this year. What a contrast too between S Seraphim’s bear and the poor bears and other zoo animals (48 of them) shot by police in Ohio after their crazy owner set them ‘free’ (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-15364027)

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