what shape of change?

I’m just surfacing from a truly amazing Sunday at Holy Trinity where we spent from 10.30 am to 3 pm celebrating the Eucharist and looking at our congregational life and outreach as part of the Casting the net Mission Audit.  It wasn’t until I was about to begin the Eucharistic prayer just before lunch that I realised the presentations, ‘holy conversations’ and fellowship were actually our breaking open the Word, penitence and Peace.  We had a lot to gather up in thanksgiving and sending out. 

As a congregation, we now face change – but a good change that is grounded on who and where we are, and the things we value most and hold deepest.  I was talking with one of our members about change and regeneration, and she spoke about Dayna Baumeister who works on ‘biomimicry’ – I guess a way of ‘working with nature’.  (There are various clips of her presentations on You Tube.) 

The point I took away is that most species, as they evolve, are like spheres in a round bowl.  The can move around with ease and respond to their environment.  The only species which glaringly doesn’t do this is the human species.  We tend to be square shapes knocking around in a bowl, expecting the bowl to change to our shape. 

Maybe prayerful change is about knocking off some of those corners so that we can move with ease in our new social and spiritual bowl.

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