Food in Lent

I’ve been doing a bit of sorting out of papers from the heap left by Lent and Easter.  I try to leave it ready for next year and squirrel away any useful bits I picked up.  We had great fun with a home-grown Lent course looking at food, and last week’s gospel reminded me about it.  In case it’s of any use or interest to others, I’ve belatedly posted the notes for the course here, with comparative texts of the Eucharistic words of institution, about which I became incomprehensibly fascinated.

One of the group said that the best thing about it was just getting round a table and eating and talking.  I loved the bit when we rather embarrassedly shared our supermarket till receipts.  I was sorry to miss the Fairtrade game with unequal stacks of jelly-bean counters.  The table eucharist at the end with wonderfully authentic bread was unforgettable.

Barbara Kingsolver’s book, Animal, vegetable, miracle was good background for the slow food movement and local produce.  Otherwise, it was mostly sharing experience and views, and looking at Babette’s Feast.

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