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The salmon run

Yes, well, what do you do on a wet afternoon – go and see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, of course.  It’s the story of a fisheries expert hired to help a young, prematurely wise sheik fulfil his dream of creating … Continue reading

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Jubilee and the Clearances

We held the second of our ‘Sandwich Sessions’ after church yesterday – people getting together for lunch and discussion.  So we tackled ‘Jubilee’ – which, curiously, stimulated very very few memories.  I was not living in Scotland for the Queen’s … Continue reading

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Garlic and subversion

Surfacing now from a wonderful diocesan clergy retreat on Cumbrae led by Bishop Gordon Mursell, who was exploring the ‘farewell discourses’ of Jesus in John’s gospel.  On arrival I was nearly overwhelmed by the scent of wild garlic on the … Continue reading

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A pastoral resource

We held the first meeting of a pastoral care group at Holy Trinity, which arose out of our Mission Action Plan.  Two of the ‘Marks of Mission’ that we are focussing on are ‘Sharing faith by confident and sensitive evangelism:  … Continue reading

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I love fanstasy epic written for young people – well, some of it, and not the sci-fi stuff so much.  Looking at how they handle the big themes of good vs evil makes me look again at our Biblical epic … Continue reading

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Down to Suffolk for my uncle’s memorial service. He spent most of his life as Principal of a school in Belfast – Royal Belfast Academical Institution – including during the Troubles. Before setting off in the morning he routinely checked the car … Continue reading

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Random time at the Kevingrove

Filling in time waiting to meet a delayed plane, I went to the Kevingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow for the first time since its refurbishment (yes, I know that was 6 years ago, but …) It’s now amazingly visitor- and child-friendly, … Continue reading

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