Too much, so nothing

The last time I had a longish break in blogging was because there was an excess of Church stuff that was taking all my time and energy to process;  this time, it’s because of a summer that has been filled with great experiences that again, are all a bit too much.  I can’t quite find the place to begin, so I don’t even try.   After the travels, I went straight into leading a retreat for women in the C of E after their General Synod – who were in that strange limbo state about consecration of women bishops legislation.  Then family graduations and birthdays, and visits to the SEC Youth Camps at Glenalmond (where, in the gloriously random nature of such things, I found myself describing how to cook a hedgehog and also discoursing on feet in the Hebrew Scriptures – it was meant to be a vocations theme …)

Anyway, time to pick up again and trust that all these experiences will trickle through when they find an outlet.  And talking of experience, I heard a fascinating point made by an economist of tourism:  what people are spending their money on these days is experience rather than objects.  That is, they are looking for the weekend away, the day at the visitor centre, the hen or stag night and so on.  He was arguing that we are reaching saturation-point with ‘things’.  Which chimed with the Sunday Times saying that many are going for the cheap VW without electric windows (or the expresso coffee machine that you can add to a Fiat), and digging out their mobiles which can only make a call or send a text.  Not sure I believe him, actually, but I do agree that experience is being seriously marketed.  But then that too may reach saturation levels, and then you can’t even talk about it!



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