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Silence and history

I went to one of the Gifford Lectures yesterday, given by Diarmaid McCulloch on ‘The silences of fear and shame’. If you’ve missed them so far, you can see videos of them posted on the site.  What McCulloch was talking … Continue reading

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Symbolic arithmetic

Sometimes you take agin a book of the Bible just as you might do with a person.  For years, I turned away from Revelation, until I decided to get to grips with it by doing a Quiet Day on the book … Continue reading

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Small groups and church

We had an interesting discussion last night about how Sunday church relates to small groups such as house groups.  People were saying how they found sharing in smaller groups was the way in which their faith deepened and became better related to … Continue reading

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King David and I

Summertime, and the focus is easy – wonderful Hebrew Scripture stories every weekday and on Sundays. The daily Lectionary is taking us through the story of King David, to whom I’ve become especially attached ever since a course on the … Continue reading

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Judge or king?

I guess we’ll only know how significant the ‘Arab Spring’ is in retrospect.  It may be the definitive move away from (somtimes religious) totalitarian rule or it may be just an opening for another form of domination, maybe by (other) … Continue reading

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A film for next Lent?

I caught up with the film, The Way Back last night.  Based on a  supposedly true story published in 1956, it tells of how a group of escapees from a gulag in Siberia crossed the Gobi desert and the Himalayas to … Continue reading

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So much wasteland today, the first Sunday in Lent.  The desert of the testing in Matthew 4; the flattened cities of Japan that suggest hauntingly the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki;  the threat of nuclear fall-out, and the 15th anniversary … Continue reading

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