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Thinking about eyes, sight and blindness ahead of next Sunday’s sermon on Bartimaeus, who was blind, I was taken back to the exhibition of Edvard Munch at the Tate Modern that I saw a week or so ago.  Munch was … Continue reading

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The successful heretic

I remember so distinctly all those years ago as a student hearing one of my tutors claiming that St Francis was a successful heretic.  It seemed so deliciously iconoclastic in those days, and it makes a lot of sense.  The saint, … Continue reading

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The salmon run

Yes, well, what do you do on a wet afternoon – go and see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, of course.  It’s the story of a fisheries expert hired to help a young, prematurely wise sheik fulfil his dream of creating … Continue reading

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Food in Lent

I’ve been doing a bit of sorting out of papers from the heap left by Lent and Easter.  I try to leave it ready for next year and squirrel away any useful bits I picked up.  We had great fun … Continue reading

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Columbus mash

National stereotyping seems to be a theme with me at the moment.  On Sunday I explored Jew and Gentile as we see them through Jacob and Esau, Israel and Edom – the smooth and the hairy.  Then I saw the film … Continue reading

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A film for next Lent?

I caught up with the film, The Way Back last night.  Based on a  supposedly true story published in 1956, it tells of how a group of escapees from a gulag in Siberia crossed the Gobi desert and the Himalayas to … Continue reading

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Unselfish acts?

We had a fascinating opening conversation about Karen Armstrong’s Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life at the Lent Group tonight.  We were talking about whether compassion is innate or a learned behaviour.  It will have important consequences today, we felt, … Continue reading

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