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The shaky ego

So the Prime Minister is rattling the sabre again.  After a week of embarrassment and bad news, he is to announce a tough new approach to crime and imprisonment, in which ‘retribution will not be a dirty word’.  And the £46 routinely given … Continue reading

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The successful heretic

I remember so distinctly all those years ago as a student hearing one of my tutors claiming that St Francis was a successful heretic.  It seemed so deliciously iconoclastic in those days, and it makes a lot of sense.  The saint, … Continue reading

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Jubilee and the Clearances

We held the second of our ‘Sandwich Sessions’ after church yesterday – people getting together for lunch and discussion.  So we tackled ‘Jubilee’ – which, curiously, stimulated very very few memories.  I was not living in Scotland for the Queen’s … Continue reading

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Garlic and subversion

Surfacing now from a wonderful diocesan clergy retreat on Cumbrae led by Bishop Gordon Mursell, who was exploring the ‘farewell discourses’ of Jesus in John’s gospel.  On arrival I was nearly overwhelmed by the scent of wild garlic on the … Continue reading

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Symbolic arithmetic

Sometimes you take agin a book of the Bible just as you might do with a person.  For years, I turned away from Revelation, until I decided to get to grips with it by doing a Quiet Day on the book … Continue reading

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Human Rights

One of the arguments swirling round the Dale Farm issue is that the travellers threatened with eviction from their site are having their human rights undermined – the human right to live as they wish; to travel if they want … Continue reading

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Dr Angelus

We went to see James Bridie’s play, Dr Angelus, at Pitlochry last night.  Bridie was one of the founders of the Citizens’ Theatre in Glasgow, and was a doctor turned playwright.  He wrote Dr Angelus in 1947 – the tale of … Continue reading

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