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Sipping with the devil?

At the Stirling Street Pastors Roadshow last night, we discussed their relationship with the drinks industry.  No, Street Pastors does not have a ‘view’ on minimum pricing, for example.  They are there to mop up (in various ways) the effects … Continue reading

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Garlic and subversion

Surfacing now from a wonderful diocesan clergy retreat on Cumbrae led by Bishop Gordon Mursell, who was exploring the ‘farewell discourses’ of Jesus in John’s gospel.  On arrival I was nearly overwhelmed by the scent of wild garlic on the … Continue reading

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A pastoral resource

We held the first meeting of a pastoral care group at Holy Trinity, which arose out of our Mission Action Plan.  Two of the ‘Marks of Mission’ that we are focussing on are ‘Sharing faith by confident and sensitive evangelism:  … Continue reading

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It’s been a while

I’ve not added a post to this blog for months.  I got to a point where there was just too much to process, and then it’s hard to begin again.  And I also was considering including a blog on vocation … Continue reading

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Your place and mine

When visitors are coming, I have a go at tidying up, and sorting those things I’ve been meaning to sort for ages, and which I’m convinced the visitors will spot unless I clean/mend/put them away.  Of course, they probably spot … Continue reading

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Small groups and church

We had an interesting discussion last night about how Sunday church relates to small groups such as house groups.  People were saying how they found sharing in smaller groups was the way in which their faith deepened and became better related to … Continue reading

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The Diaconate

Off tomorrow to Durham for an ecumenical conference on the Diaconate, so I’m unlikely to post again until Saturday.  It’s becoming something of a live issue in the Church of England as well as other churches like our own Scottish Episcopal.  I’m … Continue reading

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