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The shaky ego

So the Prime Minister is rattling the sabre again.  After a week of embarrassment and bad news, he is to announce a tough new approach to crime and imprisonment, in which ‘retribution will not be a dirty word’.  And the £46 routinely given … Continue reading

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Lost and found in translation

Whenever we have the doors of Holy Trinity open in holiday season, visitors find their way in. So, after a lunchtime wedding today, a delightful family from Germany wandered in as we were clearing up, and I sauntered over to … Continue reading

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Cornton Vale

A friend of mine knows how to get me worked up – by pressing the ‘Cornton Vale button’.  I was a part-time chaplain there from 2000-3, and it’s the sort of experience you don’t forget. How can we  ‘do justice … Continue reading

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