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The Last Day

No, not another Advent theme, though it sounds like it. Rather, it’s the thought that today is 12th December 2012, and I’ve just dated something ’12/12/12′.  There won’t be a day like that for another century – no 13/13/13 or … Continue reading

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Advent therapy

I now know that if I stop blogging for a bit, ‘re-entry’ is like getting into the water to swim – lovely once you’re in, but requiring a bracing plunge.  A challenging and busy time just lately meant I did … Continue reading

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The successful heretic

I remember so distinctly all those years ago as a student hearing one of my tutors claiming that St Francis was a successful heretic.  It seemed so deliciously iconoclastic in those days, and it makes a lot of sense.  The saint, … Continue reading

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Silence and history

I went to one of the Gifford Lectures yesterday, given by Diarmaid McCulloch on ‘The silences of fear and shame’. If you’ve missed them so far, you can see videos of them posted on the site.  What McCulloch was talking … Continue reading

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I’m having trouble making links on blog posts – does this mean I need to update my browser?  I use Internet Explorer – how do I find out which version I’m currently using (dumb question, I know, but where do … Continue reading

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Just returned from the second leg of annual leave catching the last of the summer wind on Tiree.  I had intended to blog from there, but the first thing I learned is that everything is provisional on Tiree  – a … Continue reading

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We held a splendid car boot sale and stalls for Start Up Stirling (for the homeless) at Holy Trinity today, and raised nearly £1000 in a morning.  Some lessons learned about how to run these, but I, for one, have … Continue reading

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