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Down to Suffolk for my uncle’s memorial service. He spent most of his life as Principal of a school in Belfast – Royal Belfast Academical Institution – including during the Troubles. Before setting off in the morning he routinely checked the car … Continue reading

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Random time at the Kevingrove

Filling in time waiting to meet a delayed plane, I went to the Kevingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow for the first time since its refurbishment (yes, I know that was 6 years ago, but …) It’s now amazingly visitor- and child-friendly, … Continue reading

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Dr Angelus

We went to see James Bridie’s play, Dr Angelus, at Pitlochry last night.  Bridie was one of the founders of the Citizens’ Theatre in Glasgow, and was a doctor turned playwright.  He wrote Dr Angelus in 1947 – the tale of … Continue reading

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I’m thinking how to approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at Holy Trinity.  My friends in USA seem ambivalent about it all.  It’s not that they are casual in any way, but finding the right things to say, the right … Continue reading

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Yours = mine

I’ve just watched the 2005 film Joyeux Noel  – about the unofficial truce that happened in the WW1 trenches at Christmas 1914.  They showed German, French and Scottish soldiers singing, drinking and playing football together.   And worshipping.  The DVD box described the priest … Continue reading

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Lost and found in translation

Whenever we have the doors of Holy Trinity open in holiday season, visitors find their way in. So, after a lunchtime wedding today, a delightful family from Germany wandered in as we were clearing up, and I sauntered over to … Continue reading

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Down memory lane

Having been on a dementia awareness afternoon recently, I was keen to put some of it into pastoral practice.  So this afternoon I ferried one of our regular weekday congregants in sheltered housing to another who is in a nursing home … Continue reading

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