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The shaky ego

So the Prime Minister is rattling the sabre again.  After a week of embarrassment and bad news, he is to announce a tough new approach to crime and imprisonment, in which ‘retribution will not be a dirty word’.  And the £46 routinely given … Continue reading

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In Dundee

We decided to have an afternoon out in Dundee – well, don’t forget that some think its name means ‘Gift of God’ (donum Dei).  First we went to the McManus Gallery to see some drawings by Leonardo da Vinci on special … Continue reading

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Sipping with the devil?

At the Stirling Street Pastors Roadshow last night, we discussed their relationship with the drinks industry.  No, Street Pastors does not have a ‘view’ on minimum pricing, for example.  They are there to mop up (in various ways) the effects … Continue reading

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Spiritual umbrellas

I was talking about St Ninian at the All Age service today (yes, I know his feast is 16 September, but we are looking at saints of Scotland with the young people, and preparing for a Ninian-fest-display at the Doors … Continue reading

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Jubilee and the Clearances

We held the second of our ‘Sandwich Sessions’ after church yesterday – people getting together for lunch and discussion.  So we tackled ‘Jubilee’ – which, curiously, stimulated very very few memories.  I was not living in Scotland for the Queen’s … Continue reading

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Absolute rubbish

So Eric Pickles says that paying £250m to have weekly rubbish collections in England is ‘better on grounds of the environment’ (radio news this morning).  He supposes that mealy-mouthed ‘incentives’ to recycle will work, while people will have the chance … Continue reading

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RME & excellence

As preparation for engaging more seriously with some more school chaplaincy, I’ve been reading the ‘Religious and Moral Education: principles and practice’ section of the Curriculum for excellence.  And I have to say, it’s quite inspiring.  I’d picked the paper up with some … Continue reading

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