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The shaky ego

So the Prime Minister is rattling the sabre again.  After a week of embarrassment and bad news, he is to announce a tough new approach to crime and imprisonment, in which ‘retribution will not be a dirty word’.  And the £46 routinely given … Continue reading

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Absolute rubbish

So Eric Pickles says that paying £250m to have weekly rubbish collections in England is ‘better on grounds of the environment’ (radio news this morning).  He supposes that mealy-mouthed ‘incentives’ to recycle will work, while people will have the chance … Continue reading

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Human Rights

One of the arguments swirling round the Dale Farm issue is that the travellers threatened with eviction from their site are having their human rights undermined – the human right to live as they wish; to travel if they want … Continue reading

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Family champions

One of those misty blog posts has surfaced within in the light of more news of the ‘Family Champions’ strategy led by Emma Harrison, an encouraging entrepreneur who has caught the eye of David Cameron in the aftermath of the riots in … Continue reading

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Judge or king?

I guess we’ll only know how significant the ‘Arab Spring’ is in retrospect.  It may be the definitive move away from (somtimes religious) totalitarian rule or it may be just an opening for another form of domination, maybe by (other) … Continue reading

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Frying pans and orange fire

Well, we escaped the Royal Wedding Weekend by going to Amsterdam, and jumped into Koninginnedag – Queen’s Day’ – the huge celebrations for the official birthday of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.  We hadn’t known about it.  800,000 people came to Amsterdam … Continue reading

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Who has the power?

In a week when Christians may find their thoughts turning to political power and its scope – i.e. how much power did Pilate really have? – a group of us gathered to formulate some questions to be asked of our … Continue reading

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