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A pastoral resource

We held the first meeting of a pastoral care group at Holy Trinity, which arose out of our Mission Action Plan.  Two of the ‘Marks of Mission’ that we are focussing on are ‘Sharing faith by confident and sensitive evangelism:  … Continue reading

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I’m thinking how to approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at Holy Trinity.  My friends in USA seem ambivalent about it all.  It’s not that they are casual in any way, but finding the right things to say, the right … Continue reading

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Family champions

One of those misty blog posts has surfaced within in the light of more news of the ‘Family Champions’ strategy led by Emma Harrison, an encouraging entrepreneur who has caught the eye of David Cameron in the aftermath of the riots in … Continue reading

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Who needs the Edinburgh Festival?

I’ve been remiss about going to any Festival events this year – somehow a late holiday and then the backlog to catch up on has just made it seem impossible.  But last night’s concert at Holy Trinity was, I would … Continue reading

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Praying for your enemies

Taking a while to catch up with the Sunday Times, I noticed in the ‘Life Lessons’ section that the agony aunt Sally Brampton was recommending prayer. Someone wrote in about her dislike of her fiance’s friend which was bad enough … Continue reading

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Kissing lepers?

It started with the radio news scare of an e-coli  outbreak in Germany from Portugese organic cucumbers,  which distracted my mind before the early eucharist.  I’m not really paranoid,  but there are two family sagas of typhoid in our recent history which … Continue reading

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Not with a bang

Lent courses are ending everywhere – some with a flourish and ours not with a bang, as we were considering peace-making and loving your enemies.  We talked a bit about non-retaliation and pacifism, especially whether it is right to keep your … Continue reading

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