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Food in Lent

I’ve been doing a bit of sorting out of papers from the heap left by Lent and Easter.  I try to leave it ready for next year and squirrel away any useful bits I picked up.  We had great fun … Continue reading

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A film for next Lent?

I caught up with the film, The Way Back last night.  Based on a  supposedly true story published in 1956, it tells of how a group of escapees from a gulag in Siberia crossed the Gobi desert and the Himalayas to … Continue reading

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Despised and different

A thread emerges running between the two Lent groups here.  At the lunchtime sessions where we read long chapters from the King James Version charting the story of faith, we came to the Passion.  And after the Prayer Book collect, we … Continue reading

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Unselfish acts?

We had a fascinating opening conversation about Karen Armstrong’s Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life at the Lent Group tonight.  We were talking about whether compassion is innate or a learned behaviour.  It will have important consequences today, we felt, … Continue reading

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The Compassionate Life

Just finished a study guide to Karen Armstrong’s new book, Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, which we are going to look at in Lent at Holy Trinity, Stirling. (I’ve uploaded it on to our website here if you’re interested.)  … Continue reading

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A bit previous?

It’s what they would say down (very) South when you got ahead of yourself:  ‘a bit previous’.  Easter eggs in the shops on Boxing Day?  A bit previous.   And looking forwards to Lent at Candlemas today, as some of the books … Continue reading

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A bit of redding

When I moved to Scotland, I prepared (as I thought) by reading Lewis Grassic Gibbon pretty thoroughly.  Wonderful ‘speak’ from the Mearns – i.e. E. Scotland.  But we went to Callander, where many of the words and expressions I tried out … Continue reading

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