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Resurrection Puffs

Glies Fraser bravely tackled immortality in the Church Times ten days ago, and I’ve been musing on what he said.  His argument is that Christian faith and Biblical witness is about resurrection, not immortality.  We die, and it is only … Continue reading

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Despised and different

A thread emerges running between the two Lent groups here.  At the lunchtime sessions where we read long chapters from the King James Version charting the story of faith, we came to the Passion.  And after the Prayer Book collect, we … Continue reading

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Censor the Census

The Scottish Census 2011 is to be taken next Sunday, March 27th.  It is being run by CACI UK, an information systems firm, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CACI International Inc.  The latter firm was involved in the … Continue reading

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Unselfish acts?

We had a fascinating opening conversation about Karen Armstrong’s Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life at the Lent Group tonight.  We were talking about whether compassion is innate or a learned behaviour.  It will have important consequences today, we felt, … Continue reading

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So much wasteland today, the first Sunday in Lent.  The desert of the testing in Matthew 4; the flattened cities of Japan that suggest hauntingly the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki;  the threat of nuclear fall-out, and the 15th anniversary … Continue reading

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Poetry school

I may have to lose my identity as a non-poetry person.  This Lent, we are having a series of long readings from the King James Version of the Bible (in honour of the 400th anniversary), with Prayer Book Collects and … Continue reading

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Hothouse atmosphere

This looks a bit like an ‘identify the picture’ game.  It is, of course, our week-old tadpoles that are just beginning to wriggle in their tub on the windowsill.  We have a pond that the newts love, because they can feast … Continue reading

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