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Absolute rubbish

So Eric Pickles says that paying £250m to have weekly rubbish collections in England is ‘better on grounds of the environment’ (radio news this morning).  He supposes that mealy-mouthed ‘incentives’ to recycle will work, while people will have the chance … Continue reading

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Time and place

A couple of us met with the wonderfully enthusiastic and committed Stirling Street Pastor co-ordinator today as past of our community survey, ahead of  Mission Action Planning at Holy Trinity.  What someone like him can offer is a street’s-eye-view of … Continue reading

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St Michael

I was bowled over by the music at the rehearsal for Choral Eucharist at Holy Trinity this coming Thursday evening (7.30 pm, 29th Sept.).  We are celebrating the feast of St Michael and All Angels by gathering together the congregations … Continue reading

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Small groups and church

We had an interesting discussion last night about how Sunday church relates to small groups such as house groups.  People were saying how they found sharing in smaller groups was the way in which their faith deepened and became better related to … Continue reading

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Human Rights

One of the arguments swirling round the Dale Farm issue is that the travellers threatened with eviction from their site are having their human rights undermined – the human right to live as they wish; to travel if they want … Continue reading

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It’s just about a year since I started blogging.  Over 100 posts now.  But maybe it’s a good time to reflect on it all.  Very early on, I realised that there was a temptation to do things in order to … Continue reading

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The Diaconate

Off tomorrow to Durham for an ecumenical conference on the Diaconate, so I’m unlikely to post again until Saturday.  It’s becoming something of a live issue in the Church of England as well as other churches like our own Scottish Episcopal.  I’m … Continue reading

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