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Advent food

Holy Trinity’s House Group held an Advent meal this week, based on an Iona Liturgy (I was going to write ‘Wild Goose’  – brand name from Iona – but actually we had cottage pie …).  It was a bit like … Continue reading

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I love fanstasy epic written for young people – well, some of it, and not the sci-fi stuff so much.  Looking at how they handle the big themes of good vs evil makes me look again at our Biblical epic … Continue reading

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RME & excellence

As preparation for engaging more seriously with some more school chaplaincy, I’ve been reading the ‘Religious and Moral Education: principles and practice’ section of the Curriculum for excellence.  And I have to say, it’s quite inspiring.  I’d picked the paper up with some … Continue reading

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Courteous days

Well, some of the serenity of the convent at Wantage is still with me (tho’ it’s only 4 days on from my retreat …) and the plainchant, accompanied sometimes with a zither,  is still echoing in my head as I … Continue reading

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Down memory lane

Having been on a dementia awareness afternoon recently, I was keen to put some of it into pastoral practice.  So this afternoon I ferried one of our regular weekday congregants in sheltered housing to another who is in a nursing home … Continue reading

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Frying pans and orange fire

Well, we escaped the Royal Wedding Weekend by going to Amsterdam, and jumped into Koninginnedag – Queen’s Day’ – the huge celebrations for the official birthday of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.  We hadn’t known about it.  800,000 people came to Amsterdam … Continue reading

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Resurrection Puffs

Glies Fraser bravely tackled immortality in the Church Times ten days ago, and I’ve been musing on what he said.  His argument is that Christian faith and Biblical witness is about resurrection, not immortality.  We die, and it is only … Continue reading

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