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A bit of redding

When I moved to Scotland, I prepared (as I thought) by reading Lewis Grassic Gibbon pretty thoroughly.  Wonderful ‘speak’ from the Mearns – i.e. E. Scotland.  But we went to Callander, where many of the words and expressions I tried out … Continue reading

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The new bathtime religion

Those lovely gift-box toiletries, where the packaging is almost more gorgeous than the contents …  somebody knew me well when they gave me this.  There is no need to draw conclusions about where I do my reading.  So what is … Continue reading

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Have a radical Christmas

I was a bit disappointed, though not very surprised, to find that there were no Christian leaders amongst the ’12 people of Christmas’ whom the Scotsman thought yesterday make Edinburgh ‘the in-place to celebrate Christmas’.  Not that I would want … Continue reading

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The one and the many

One of the good things about reading the nativity story mainly from Matthew, as we do this year, is that you get quite a bit about Joseph.  I find 1:19 strangely chilling – “Mary’s husband, Joseph, being a righteous man … Continue reading

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Ekmek yapma makinesi

I’m the sort of person who has to read any words that I come across.  If the conversation lags at table, I’ll read the ingredients on the mustard jar.  When I go on holiday, the only anxiety I have is … Continue reading

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Where shall we sing?

A weekend of carols.  We managed to get the church warm enough for a Carol Service on Friday, and we sang ‘While shepherds watched ..’ to what is apparently the original tune,  i.e. Cranbrook (= On Ilkla Moor Baht’ at).  … Continue reading

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Visual aids for the Incarnation

I suppose I’m a bit slow about iconography,  but it took me ages to realise that there was more the the asymmetry of the Sinai icon of Christ Pantocrator (above) than imperfect craftsmanship.  In fact, it’s generally recognised that one … Continue reading

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